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Founded in 2006, Domiles is known for our expertise in designing signature fabrics/garment for top name-brands. We produce not only the quality fabric for fashion and sportswear apparel but also extends our services to the end of finished garments.

We’re a Bluesign system partner, which not only guarantees that the final textile product meets the most stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, but also ensures that the environmental conscious buyers are getting sustainable products.

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With their technical expertise and extensive knowledge, our teams continue to create items that are both functional and trendy. Combined with finishing such as water-proof and breathable coating or membrane, street wear can also perform in extreme weathers. Whether it’s plain woven or intricate jacquard, our wide-ranging collections are valuable source for sportswear and fashion apparel.



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In 2019, We extend reproduction in Vietnam. Domiles offer services for fabric/garment design and development in the apparel industry, serving both the domestic and international sectors. Specialized in both woven and knit, Domiles in particularly recognized by our work in novelty items with unique yarn of finishing. Striving to deliver ONESTOP shopping solution, we offer customers the convenience of having multiple needs met in one supplier from product design/style to prototyping, we help customer realize their goal by executing product development, with attention to details from sampling to volume manufacturing.


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Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by bringing a fresh and innovative approach to development, customizing to fit specific client needs.

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phone +886-2-7730-4078 local 1F. No.10, Aly.35, Ln300, Sec.4, Renai Rd, Daan Dist, Taipei 10693, Taiwan